GEMS is an F&I agency for Franchise-Independent-BHPH Auto, RV & Motor Sports Dealers

Golden Eagle Management Services LLC
Golden Eagle Management Services LLC

    GEMS Profit Building Ideas

    Limited Warranties and Vehicle Service Contracts

    • Lifetime Warranty & Wraps
    • 3-12 Month Limited Warranty
    • Certified Pre-Owned
    • High Mileage VSC's (200k+)
    • Zero Interest Payment Plans
    • Tire & Wheel, Key, Roadside

    Debt Cancellation Contracts And Gap Contracts

    • Valid if Loan Sold/Re-Assigned
    • No Chargeback GAP
    • Earned at Claim GAP
    • Insurance Settlement Gap
    • BHPH Gap (No Surcharge)
    • BHPH - Liability Only Option

    Both Retrospectives and Reinsurance Available

    • Lowest Admin Fees
    • Lowest Set Up Fees
    • Full Transparency (No BS)
    • Trust Account Management
    • Retro & Reinsurance Available
    • Expert Advice Included